Accidents not being reported due to fear of anger from employers

A recent survey undertaken by Percy, Hughes & Roberts Solicitors has found that 38% of those involved in an accident did not report it because they felt that nothing would be done about it or that their employer would be angry with them.

Accident reporting is a good indication of the safety culture within a business; we have visited many sites where the manager will insist that ‘they don’t have accidents’ and yet employees can point to various faults or hazards around the premises that have caused accidents.

It is essential that there is a proactive, supportive safety culture within a business and identifying the root cause of accidents and near misses is key to showing that you are genuinely invested in improving safety culture within the workplace. By not identifying accident and near misses, no matter how minor, business owners and managers are missing the opportunity to prevent a more serious accident.

The same survey also found that the most common hazards within the workplace are messy workstations and slipping hazards. Whilst this may be perceived as a minor safety issue it can again speak to the safety culture of a workplace.

At Harrier we work with business owners to identify these areas of concern, talking to employees to identify the hazards and safety issues affecting them and then putting in practical measures to ensure employees are aware of any procedures, changes and time lines.

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