Who are we?

Harrier UK Ltd: a practical hands-on consultancy which proactively helps to protect the health, safety and security of your business.

At Harrier we are not just here to get your business up to speed in complying with the latest health and safety legislation. We are in business to help unravel complex legislation and make it easy to understand.

We believe health and safety needn’t be an obstacle. Applied sensibly H&S can eliminate hazards and ensure that people, property and the environment are properly protected. With our expert advisors on hand we offer the right advice at the right time, giving you cost-effective practical steps to safeguard your employees and customers.

With our help your business can adopt a positive work ethic in health and safety best practice that engages the interest of your whole workforce.

Being fair and flexible

We earn the trust and respect of our clients by always being fair and transparent and honouring our commitments. Setting our sights on providing the best value service, we make a point of always keeping pricing fair and never overselling with excessive services. In fact, working with us is a partnership in bespoke client relationships. Ready to anticipate your changing needs, Harrier provides flexible support for a better, safer and more profitable business.

Why choose Harrier UK?
  • Complete proven expertise in health and safety compliance
  • Fair pricing and the most appropriate level of support
  • Flexible, bespoke approach
  • Personal service from a dedicated advisor
  • Year-round support or ad-hoc services available


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Risk assessments: essential health and safety protection wherever you work

When it comes to health and safety at work the law states you must carry out risk assessments. Each one needs to be documented if you employ five or more people. If you employ fewer than five, or are a sole trader, nothing needs to be written down. However you still need to prove you assess risk at work.

What is a risk assessment?

It ensures that you reasonably assess the level of risk regarding the health and safety of not just employees at work but contractors, visitors, customers, the public and anyone connected with your work activities.
A risk assessment essentially gets you thinking about the safety of any work process or activities so that you can then take steps to minimise any risk. At Harrier we take an holistic approach to health and safety, conducting risk assessments across the whole workplace as well as for individual work activities.

Our services include:

  • Audits and reviews of your current risk assessments and procedures
  • Training and coaching employees in creating risk assessments
  • Clear, practical advice on introducing best practice in health and safety


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Health & safety in the workplace

The law says you must protect the health and safety of your employees, visitors, contractors, members of the public and anyone affected by your activities.

But health and safety is more than just legal obligation; it’s key to the success of any reputable organisation. By implementing sound health and safety practices you can not only reduce accidents but improve morale and productivity as well as build trust in your organisation.

Although you have health and safety procedures in place, are you certain they are robust enough to meet relevant national and international regulations? Can you guarantee your organisation is totally compliant and following best practice?

Managing health and safety may seem daunting but with the expertise of Harrier it needn’t be time-consuming and costly.

And if you think health and safety is dull, it’s time to think again. We believe the best way to get people excited about health and safety is to make it exciting in itself. That’s why we design our services to engage all employees, ensuring H&S becomes integral to your company’s culture and second nature to your employees.

Discover why our services are the route to healthier, safer business for all