Health & Safety Services

Harrier is all about protecting people, places and profits. We help you stay legally compliant, minimise risk and protect everyone connected to your business from harm. This generates best practice across your business, which can benefit not just your employees’ safety and well-being but also your bottom line.

Our range of customised health and safety services includes:

  • Risk assessments
  • New business start-up support
  • Health & safety policy and procedures
  • Site inspections and compliance audits
  • Accident investigations
  • Fire policy and assessments
  • Staff training

We believe in making your entire workforce part of the health and safety solution. That’s why we make our advice on health and safety measures easy to digest and practical. Backed by relevant documentation and bespoke training, we keep everyone from employees to the senior management fully informed of their responsibilities.

Event Safety

Putting on a safe event

From corporate conferences to sell-out arena concerts, event safety is an important consideration. But it needs to be proportionate to the level of risk involved. After all, it shouldn’t get in the way of people doing their job, whether they’re taking centre stage or behind the scenes. And it’s crucial too that guests leave with experiences that are memorable, for all the right reasons.

When it comes to staging big crowd-pleasing festivals, sporting events, TV performances and concerts, you need safety advisors on hand that will take an active role throughout planning through to delivery. This is where we come in. At Harrier our team of consultants have over 20 years’ experience working on some of the biggest sports and entertainment events in the UK and around the globe. We set out to manage all areas of significant risk whilst ensuring that your event runs smoothly.

Our areas of expertise

  • Event operations & management
  • Event safety planning & safety officers
  • Safety advisory group representation
  • Emergency service & local authority liaison
  • Risk assessment
  • Crowd management
  • Table top exercises & training
  • Debrief sessions

Our awareness of health and safety issues is global

This allows us to create and deliver robust strategies in safety for any event - wherever it may take place around the world. By satisfying any given UK, European or local regulation worldwide, as well as incorporating best practice, we enable organisers to manage any risk and mitigate any liabilities. With our thorough approach to event safety issues we remove the burden of responsibility you face as an organiser. So you’re free to focus on the finer points of your own job.

Risk Management

At Harrier we have specialist advisors on hand to analyse and manage risk across your whole organisation. They will carefully assess any risk and look at practical measures for minimising it that are cost-effective to introduce. Followed up with full reporting and the option of coaching for internal teams or individuals, our services enable you stay on top of health and safety risk management.

Complete step-by-step support:

  • Identifying hazards within your workplace
  • Suggesting cost-effective changes to take to reduce risk
  • Documenting risk analysis and strategies for improvement
  • Conducting training in responsible risk management
  • Reviewing and measuring its effectiveness

Health & Safety Audit

A health and safety audit is a practical way of discovering whether any training has been working effectively or simply for getting an unbiased overview of your organisation’s level of risk.

At Harrier we offer a confidential basic paperwork policy audit that’s free with no obligation. And we follow it up with an action plan with helpful advice and clear steps for improvement. The audit is not a test of current procedures but more a fresh pair of eyes – helping you to spot risks and fix them. Thanks to a clear assessment of your organisation’s health and safety you can be continually up to date and fully aware about the latest legislation and best practice.

Fire Safety

If you are an employer of five or more people, a landlord or building owner you have a legal duty to keep staff, visitors and tenants safe from fire. To be compliant you need to carry out a fire safety risk assessment and keep it up to date.

If fire break out in your premises, it’s crucial that you have the most appropriate fire safety measures in place to minimise risk of injury or loss of life. This is where a fire risk assessment is key.

By conducting a fire risk assessment in your premises we can help you clearly identify any activity at work that poses a potential fire hazard and evaluate if you are taking adequate precautions.

Our expert support extends to all areas of fire safety policies and procedures including training – ensuring ongoing compliance with fire safety regulations and complete peace of mind.


Every business has to ensure by law that employees are safeguarded from harm in their working environment. Whether you’re running a business or organising an event, we provide bespoke training in health and safety, first aid and event safety to suit you… at your location.

For expert-led training that engages your workforce in all areas of health and safety, call us on 01332 460703 to find out more.